About Domain Runner Domain Runner (or DomainRunner.com) is a great place to buy great domains and websites. We sell premium domains and websites with great content and a great domain name as well. With everythibng that is going on in our world and the economy and jobs no where near as good as it should be, people have begun to focus on something website owners have known about for decades. It’s something called “passive income.” Many people around the world have created passive income. 

What is passive income? It simply means making money without you having to actively be there like showing up for a 9-5 job. Passive income is the ability to sell while you sleep. It can be renting realestate you own, making dividends on stocks, or selling products and ad space or affiliate marketing on a website you own. 

If we focus on that last one (owning a website and making passive income seeing as THAT is what this website is about), you should know that owning a website and making money is incredibly easy to start. We won’t lie to you and say “It’s easy to get started AND it’s easy to make money” like some others might do. For some it is easy to make money and for others it is work and again for others it doesn’t work (mostly because they don’t do the following). if you pay attention to a few details that I’ll list right here and right now and it WILL be easier for you. But you need to do the following: have a great name (we list many here and can help you get something if you don’t see it listed here), have a great website (now this is actually easy because if you do’t want to pay someone, you can set up a wordpress site for free – more on that in our “tips section”), you need good content that people will want to see (once again…more on that in our “tips section”), and you need really good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Do all of those that I just mentioned and you will be fine. But you need to get started. Dreaming about making money won’t work. You need to take that first step. So get a domain name OR just get a website with a domain name and you are half way there.

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